Physical Therapy (PT) & Sports Rehab Clinics

CMP specializes in Physical Therapy (PT) and Sports Rehabilitation Clinics consultation.

Joe Czerkawski, MD, is a board-certified sports medicine specialist with over 30 years of experience in all areas of sports, fitness, physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation medicine. This includes serving as Medical Director for multiple sports-medicine, physical therapy, rehab clinics and wellness institutes and Chief Medical Officer for the HIT Center of Jacksonville, a provider of high intensity training, performance testing and conditioning for elite athletes. Dr. Joe has also served as a team physician for many high school, college and semi-pro teams.

As a result, Corporate Medical Partners can provide valuable insight and guidance for specialty PT and sports rehabilitation clinics, including all aspects of regulatory compliance, strategic planning and new business development on a local and regional basis. Dr. Joe can show your clinic how to foster strategic referral sources and maintain key referral relationships in this highly competitive area.

Physical Therapy (PT), Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic Services:

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