CMP Services

Whether you're seeking corporate health strategic planning or clinic outsourced medical director services, CMP can help establish long-term strategies and policies that protect your organization and improve productivity and long-term financial performance.

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Directorship Services

Joseph Czerkawski MD, founder and CEO of Corporate Medical Partners, board-certified medical professional for over 30 years, and successful entrepreneur, is now available to service in directorship roles for corporate boards and Florida specialty clinics.

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Diagnostic and Imaging Clinic Consulting

CMP can provide valuable insight and guidance for imaging and diagnostic clinics in the state of Florida, including all aspects of regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and new business development.

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PT / OT and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic Consulting

From strategic planning and regulatory compliance, to business development and referral strategies, our deep understanding in sports medicine can help you win the game.

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Corporate Health Strategic Planning

One-off, standalone programs provide little. We'll help you develop comprehensive corporate health policies that benefit employees, productivity and your bottom line.

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Health Benefits Design

We help you design smart health benefits packages, weighing costs vs. benefits, assessing things like self-insurance, regulatory requirements and more.

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Corporate Health Culture

A healthy culture enables employers to reduce health care costs and support a high-energy, productive workforce. We show you how to create it.

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On-Site Health Clinics

Whether an existing or new on-site clinic, we consult on design, scope of services, staffing, budget and coordination with broader health strategy.

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Executive Health Programs

Executives have intense schedules with long hours and demanding schedules. We develop executive health programs to protect these key corporate assets.

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Prevention & Wellness Programs

Effective prevention & wellness programs increase employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and disability claims, and provide productivity savings.

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Healthcare Cost Reduction

We look at healthcare cost reduction with an eye, not just on cost-shifting, but on reducing absenteeism and increasing wellness, productivity & ROI.

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Disability, FMLA & Absence Management

We provide medical determinations and policy consultation on things like short- and long-term disability claims and family medical leave requests.

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Workers' Comp & Return-to-Work Programs

We control workers’ comp expenses and develop return-to-work programs that boost employee morale, job security, maintain productivity, and save costs.