Healthcare Cost-Reduction & Financial Management

It’s no secret that healthcare costs have been rising for years, and that these escalating costs have been putting pressure on businesses, their employees, and their bottom lines. Fueled by many factors including an aging workforce and increasing workers comp costs, employers are increasingly becoming aware of the major role that workers’ health plays in productivity, and the economic impact of lost productivity on performance.

CMP helps corporations with healthcare cost reduction, not just by looking at line-item expenses, but by examining the bigger picture and understanding how workforce health-related problems cost companies directly and indirectly.

We show organizations how to more effectively manage their healthcare costs by focusing on improving employee health and productivity through higher-value health benefits design, strategic well-being and preventive programming, and intelligent disease and medical risk management, among other data-backed, medically-informed strategies.

Healthcare Cost Reduction & Financial Management

Absence Management: Disability, Medical Leave, Workers Comp & Return-to-Work

Absenteeism, disability time off work, and lost productivity while on-the-job due to health-related problems (presenteeism) contribute significantly to productivity loss and increased healthcare costs. Chronic medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, migraine headaches, and depression that do not lead to disability, still pose a significant drain on productivity, and ultimately corporate financial performance; and yet, they are often overlooked.

Adopting a strategic, pro-active, preventative approach to disease, physical and mental health management reduces absenteeism and presenteeism, improves worker productivity, and helps an organization realize significant savings in ways they may never even have considered.

CMP helps companies reduce absenteeism through cost-effective organizational health management on a part-time contract basis. Our services include comprehensive disability, medical leave and return-to-work consulting. From making medical leave, work injury, ADA disability and FMLA determinations; to managing workers comp cases; to developing return-to-work programs, CMP can do it all.

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