Health Culture, Wellness & Prevention and Add-On Site Clinics

Health Culture, Wellness & Prevention

Creating a healthy culture in the workplace is not only beneficial for employee health, but also for business. A healthy culture enables employers to reduce their health care cost trends while supporting a high energy, engaged and productive workforce.

CMP can assist you in creating a culture of health at all levels of your organization, from the C-Level down. We help develop and implement cost-efficient, comprehensive wellness and prevention programs that produce the most beneficial results in employee health and business performance.

Developing a culture of health within an organization requires integrating health improvement throughout the enterprise. We coordinate health and safety policies, benefits design and wellness and prevention programs into a continuum of initiatives that enhance employee health, prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and boost well-being. We screen and vet potential healthcare vendors and partners for your organization to confirm they’ll provide real substance and guaranteed measurable results.

By establishing a strong health culture, you’ll be identified as a healthy workplace. You employees will want to get fit and stay healthy, feel more appreciated, show greater loyalty and increase productivity. Best of all, at the same time, you’ll decrease your direct and indirect healthcare costs.

Health Culture, Wellness & Prevention Services

On-Site Clinics

On-site clinics are increasingly becoming a preferred method of occupational health and/or primary care delivery for many organizations. Health protection and improvement are typically the strategic objectives for having an on-site clinic, but the decision to launch one should always be considered within the context of the overarching corporate health strategy.

Convenience, decreased absenteeism, improved productivity, and positive reception by employees are all benefits that are typically associated with on-site clinics. 

Services can include occupational health care (including wellness, physical therapy, return-to-work, disability management, and more); primary personal care; urgent care; or some combination of these.

CMP can evaluate your existing clinic or otherwise help you consider how opening an on-site clinic could benefit your business. Working on an outsourced basis, we can help you plan and launch a work site clinic, consider near-site and partnership options, define budgets and provide assistance with service offerings, staffing and regulatory compliance.

On-Site Clinic Consulting Services

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