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Corporate Health Policy & Strategy

It’s a fact. Well-developed corporate healthcare policies and a well-executed organizational health strategy yield better business outcomes. And every company’s health strategy and policies are different based upon their core mission and business.

Corporate medical directors look at the big picture – business type, workforce, risks, existing plans, infrastructure like on-site clinics, and data from a variety of sources (HR, OSHA, Medical Leave, Workers’ Comp, Disability, etc.). They then use this information to formulate strategies and policies to produce optimal workforce health and business outcomes. These include improved employee health satisfaction, increased productivity and organizational performance, reduction in absenteeism, disability and workers’ compensation claims, and health cost management.

This is a significant task but one that can also be managed in a cost-effective manner using an experienced outsourced medical director. CMP provides corporate health policy and strategy consultation for organizations on a part-time or contract basis.

Corporate Health Policy & Strategy Consultation Services:

Healthcare Benefits Design

Corporate medical directors are trained in preventative medicine and population health management. Unfortunately, even in companies that employ full-time corporate medical directors, occupational health is often siloed from the departments where the responsibility for healthcare benefits design reside such as HR, Operations or even in the hands of the CEO.

Organizations desiring a healthy, high-performing workforce, who want to control medical and workers’ comp costs through smart preventive care, health promotion, and data-backed financial analysis, need to actively involve a medical director when designing health benefits packages.

Working on an outsourced part-time basis, Corporate Medical Partners can help you make evidenced-based health, well-being and financial decisions when developing your workforce health benefits package. We’ll keep your business and your bottom line healthy and strong.

Healthcare Benefits Design Services

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